Common Problems Associated With Washing Machine Agitator

An agitator is a mechanism that makes the washing machine to shake and rotate and provides it motion. The agitator faces many problems during the course of providing movement to the machine sometimes may end up offering irregular movements too. This reduces the oscillation power in the agitator and makes the agitation mode to stop […]

When You Need Appliance Repairs Fast?

A malfunctioning appliance can range from inconvenient to a complete disaster. Whether you have a leaking washing machine, a fridge that wont keep the groceries you just bought cold and fresh, or an oven that wont heat just as youre starting Thanksgiving dinner, every appliance repair situation is unique because of your individual circumstances. Depending […]

Understanding the Risks Posed by DIY Appliance Repairs

The second that your dishwasher stops working or your refrigerator starts to make strange noises, you’re probably going to start worrying about what the costs to fix these appliances will be. Many homeowners are so worried about excessive costs that they end up getting out the toolbox and trying to fix things themselves. While this […]