Maintaining Washing Machine Drain Pipes

Maintenance of every part of washing machine is important for its efficient operation. Drain pipes are an important part of your washing machine and hence taking care of it is very important. Timely attention and maintenance will prolong the efficiency and life span of your washing machine. Seeing that, we all know ‘Prevention is better than cure’!

Moulds have a tendency to breed in moist places washer repair los angeles. No wonder they find damp and dark washing machine drains befitting places for their breeding! However, the problem can be effectively eradicated by cleaning out your washer using some helpful tips provided in this content.

Fish out every single piece of clothing from your washer first. Remove water from the drum through the back drain or with a bucket. Excess water can be sponged off using a clean towel. Preparing a cleaning solution of vinegar and water is the second step. Run an empty water cycle with two cups of white vinegar in it.

Though some people tend to use bleach to clean their washer of moulds, water and vinegar solution is more environment-friendly. Let the vinegar-water solution to do its thing by tumbling and twirling in the drum. When the washer is about to drain push the pause button to stop draining. Letting the solution stay inside the drum for 15 minutes will help it to reach the water drain more deeply. At the lapse of 15 minutes you can allow the machine to dry the water off. Ensure yourself if your washer is draining fast without any obstruction.

If the water is draining without any hindrance you can rest assured you have succeeded in eliminating the moulds. Run the washer on an empty water cycle once more so as to clear it off the pungent smell of vinegar. If you are adept at handling these types of things you can open the drain pipes to check for any remaining moulds. If the smell of vinegar or any other foul smell persists you can add a cup of baking soda to an empty hot water cycle. It will surely diffuse all stinks and odours.

After the water is drained off completely let the washing machine door open for air circulation. The free flow of air inside the washer will dry the interior of the washer well so that moulds will not get accumulated again. Those who use their washer often should do the above described methods once a week or at least fort nightly. This method is effective for lime accumulation too. Lime collection occurs when hard minerals in your washing water supply stick to your washer and build up ensuing to hardened lime.


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