Make Your Fridge More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

You don’t have to add expensive equipment or change your fridge to make it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact there is a simple no cost solution that will allow you to save up to 35% on the running costs of your average walk-in fridge and keep your food fresh up to twice or three times longer.

All you need is to fit a special filter that contains a 100% natural occurring mineral found in only one location in the world and that is the Mojave Desert in Nevada USA. The mineral is mined using the old fashioned way by pick and shovel. This mineral differs from the ordinary by its special composition. It is in fact the only known natural mineral of its type that will do what it does and it is not to be confused with a common Zeolite type mineral. The mineral has been in practical use now for more than 20 years and is probably the most tested mineral on Planet Earth. Over 10,000 weeks of trials have taken place in fridges all around the world working with some of the most important food professionals in the food industry. Hundreds of hours of scientific tests have taken place inside the laboratory to identify exactly how it works and what benefits can really be scientifically proven in tightly controlled laboratory conditions samsung refrigerator repair los angeles.

Inexpensive Humico Biosmart humidity control filters are now available throughout Europe are fitted inside the average walk-in or upright fridge in minutes.

Certifiable lab testing showing the mineral absorbs up to 60% of its own weight in water. In extensive lab testing it was found that the mineral is able to regulate and control humidity inside the standard commercial walk-in and upright fridge keeping humidity in the range between 80-90% for the perfect storage of fresh and perishable foodstuffs. Further analysis showed the mineral can absorb up to 60% of the ethylene gas found inside the refrigerator every 24 hours. In addition the mineral will absorb 100% of the acetic acid found inside the fridge after only 20 minutes and the filters will kill off up to 85% of all airborne bacteria within a week.

The major benefits derived from this mineral are easy to quantify on paper but in a practical situation in a typical restaurant kitchen it’s hard to measure the peace of mind for the executive or head chef”. The peace of mind that comes from knowing whatever food you buy you will get the maximum shelf life possible thus saving time, money and energy.

No chef or food professional working in an ideal world should have to worry about having the best and safest food storage conditions but unfortunately many have to put up with old and sometimes poor standard refrigeration. However, every chef in the kitchen knows when Humico biosmart filters are fitted “inside the fridge as soon as they open the door”. The fridge smells cleaner and fresher and they can see the difference within 72 hours in the quality of their food stored.

Humico Biosmart filters will turn your fridge into an energy efficient and cost effective food storage solution in a matter of minutes. You can say goodbye to large maintenance bills, forget about your evaporator ever icing up and watch your food bills go down as your food lasts up to 3 times longer in the fridge. All this can be achieved for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

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