Washing Machine Door Hinge Broken

Replacing a faulty washing machine door or door hinge is a relatively straight forward washing machine repair that normally only requires a few basic household tools. First you need to work out with a close visual inspection, whether the fault is with the door or any of its related parts, like the hinges the lock catch or the door inner or outer rim trims, once you know what part is at fault, you will need to get those parts before you start any work.

To get the parts you will need the manufacturers name, model number and sometime the serial number for your appliance, if you can take the broken part with you to your local supplier, you should has sometimes that is the best way to ensure get the correct part the first time.

Once you have got everything ready lg washer repair pasadena, the new part and all the basic tools your close visual inspection indicated you would need to complete the job, next ensure the appliance is switched off and unplugged from the mains power wall socket, the next thing you need to do is remove the door, to remove the door, open the door and take the full weight of the door in your hand and undo the bottom screws first, working upwards to the top screw on the door side of the hinge, if the hinge is damaged, you should undo the screws on the hinge from the appliance side of the hinge, so that hinge comes away with the door, being careful to secure the hinge back plate, so that the back plate does not fall to the floor on the inside of the appliance.

With the door away from the washing machine you can carry out any repair on the door, like changing the hinge or replacing the door rims or glass has required. To replace the door, you will usually need to put the hinge back on the appliance first, then take the full weight of the door and align the door with the hinge at the washing machine, and then put the top screw first and tighten most of the way, but do not fully tighten the screw yet, then put in all the other screws one by one and tighten most of the way, but not fully tightened, once all the screws are in, starting from the top screw, fully tighten all the screws, there should normally be no need to make any adjustments to the doors alignment and you should now be able to close the door and start using the machine again.

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